Trusted B2B Marketplace for Industry 4.0

VeriTX is a trusted digital commerce marketplace for buying and selling digital and physical assets, and maintaining trusted maintenance and lease records. 

Our Goal

Deliver value to our customers and partners, invest in our employees and support our communities, deal ethically with our suppliers, customers, and partners.


A trusted marketplace for digital assets utilizing a platform-based business model to enable the regulated digital supply chains of Industry 4.0.

VeriTX's 3 Blockchain Use Cases

VeriTX’s initial market application is the aerospace vertical with medical & industrial following. VeriTX’s business model is designed to have revenue streams from buying/selling of digital assets; buying/selling of physical parts; Blockchain based maintenance/lease records subscription service (pipeline).

Sale of Digital Assets 3D printed parts

3d print build files and blockchain provenance

Sale of new and used physical parts

selling new and used physical parts from OEMs

Maintenance and Lease Records

lease records on blockchain in the development pipeline

Reimagine Logistics​

Trust and Truth: How Blockchain is Forming the Foundation of the Next Manufacturing Renaissance

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Value Propositions


Counterfeit Mitigation


Decrease Part Lead Times


Increase Up-time


Reduce Non-value Added Costs

Ecosystem Partners​